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  1. Total Amount Due

    Includes all current charges and credits, and any remaining balance from previous power bills.

  2. DDDC

    Dedicated Design Day Capacity, the space reserved for you on the pipeline on the coldest day of the year.

  3. Usage (CCF)

    The amount of heat energy in the gas used.

  4. BTU Factor

    Amount of heat energy in the gas. The number is multiplied by the amount of gas used (CCF) to calculate the actual energy supplied by the gas (therms).

  5. Therms

    The amount of gas consumed. (Calculated by your usage multiplied by the BTU factor.)

  6. Natural Gas Consumption Charge

    Your gas rate multiplied by the number of therms used this billing period.

  7. Customer Service Charge

    Set monthly charge for account maintenance and service.

  8. AGL Pass-Through Charges

    Fee from Atlanta Gas Light for maintaining pipelines, delivering service, and reading meters that all gas marketers must charge their customers. Guide to Atlanta Gas Light Charges

Common Billing Questions

What is my rate plan?

Look under "Current Charges" on your bill for your current rate plan. See all rate plans.

What if I need to make a late payment?

Making a late payment without a prior arrangement can lead to late charges or your service being disconnected. If you call to let us know your payment will be late we may be able to work out a payment schedule. Call 1-866-245-7742.

Are there bill payment assistance programs?

Yes. For options, call us at 1-866-245-7742.

What are AGL Pass-Through Charges?

Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) owns the natural gas pipeline system. The charges for use of that system appear on your monthly gas bill as AGL Pass-Through Charges. No matter which gas marketer you choose, these charges are passed directly on to the customer as regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission.

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